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Corrugated Box Industry

Am Wax boasts over 100 years of experience supplying waxes for the paper, packaging, and the corrugated industries.

Cascading Wax 2135L

Cascading & Curtain Coating Wax Benefits

The Corrugated Industry, cascading and curtain coating wax

As a global establishment, our 2135L and 2165L wax is on boxes you see and use daily. When in full operation, one cascading wax machine will utilize between 8-10 million pounds of liquid wax a year.

Some of the essential benefits of applying wax coatings to boxes include the following:

  • Moisture resistance
  • Stiffness and strength
  • Lubrication and waterproofing
  • Printability
  • Surface protection

Vital industries that utilize wax coatings on boxes include:

  • Food and beverage
  • Agriculture and horticulture
  • Seafood and fisheries
  • Automotive parts
  • Chemical and pharmaceutical
  • Industrial and manufacturing
  • Cold chain logistics
Curtain Coating 2165L
Wax Reservoir 2165L

Cascading Wax Applications

We Supply premium-quality wax that delivers superior performance in various wax application.

Paper Bunch

Waxed paper products and packaging retain their strength and durability even when exposed to water and grease. Wax-treated...

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