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Product:         FR 54/56SC

                           Fully Refined Paraffin Wax

Product Description:

AM WAX FR54/56SC is a lower melting point product in our fully refined paraffin line. AM WAX FR54/56SC meets FDA requirement 21 CFR 172.886. It is a translucent crystalline material in solid state and is a water white, low viscosity, clear liquid when molten. It has excellent gloss and water repellent properties. Resistance to most alkalis and acids is good. Oil content controlled at or below 0.5% ensures that this product will not stain coated materials.


Packaging:  Available in Liquid Bulk and Net 25kg cartons, 40 cartons per pallet.



AM WAX FR54/56SC typically is used in the following applications:


  • Candles

  • Paper converting

  • Adhesives

  • Anti ozone blends for tire and rubber

  • Wax blends and emulsions

  • Paper cup and package coating/impregnations



TEST DESCRIPTION            METHOD                   MIN              MAX                

Melting point, °C                              D87                             54                   56          

Melting point, °F                              D87                            129                 133

Oil Content, %                                  D721                                                   0.5                    

Color, Saybolt                                   D156                           28                               

Penetration @77°F                          D1321                                                  18                                      

Odor                                                   D1833                                                   1            

Viscosity @210°F, cSt                     D445                          AS REPORT              

FDA 21CFR 172.886                                                           PASS



Disclaimer: All data are averaged results of ASTM tests on laboratory prepared samples. Reasonable variations can be expected. Data should not be used for specification purposes. It is intended as a guide only. Contact us for Certificate of Analysis.

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