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We currently have 4 grades of waxes for the Candle Industry:

  • FR 54

  • FR 56

  • FR 58

  • FR 60

FR 54 - Mainly used in container candles. Wax can mottle or with addition of our Polyboost additive can achieve a smooth look. Wax is White/Transparent/Fully Refined Paraffin Wax. Can be used as part of a blend for manufacturing of wax melters.

FR 56 - Used as a blend for container candles - a bit higher melt point than FR 54. Same effects and applications as FR 54.

FR 58 - Used in Press/Extruded/Pillar Candles - White/Transparent wax. Can be blended with stearic acid for us in Press/Extruded Candles. Can also be blended with Polyboost for a smooth pillar look.

FR 60 - Same applications as FR 58, but with a higher melt point. Usually used in applications where a higher melt point is desired like a Taper Candle.

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